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For over 20 years MBRP Ltd. has been delivering performance enthusiasts the most in power, the most in product quality and the most in customer responsiveness. It all began with the now famous B&B Eliminator, which soon achieved the status as the best selling performance snowmobile silencer of all time. Starting from little more than a vision and an absolute passion for all things performance MBRP Ltd. is now at the forefront of performance exhaust technology. Marshalling over ten decades of manufacturing and marketing expertise between them, the MBRP design team developed a line of performance diesel exhaust products that has made the rest of the industry take notice, and rush to catch up.

Most recently MBRP Ltd. has achieved something special for the sports truck enthusiast. The new sport line brings to the gasoline-powered vehicle the same perfect blend of style and toughness that diesel light truck owners have come to expect from MBRP. The line features a unique flow through muffler originally developed to increase the performance of thousand horsepower off-shore marine engines. The result is a muffler that generates a deeper, mellow sound, improved performance numbers and cooler operating temperatures.

The central reason behind MBRP Ltd.'s remarkable growth has been its absolute dedication, not just to excellence in its products, but also to standing behind its distributors and dealers and the loyalty that they have given back in return.. This commitment has been demonstrated in many ways. A diesel line with the lowest SKU/ vehicles supported ratio means that warehouse distributors require lower standing inventory and enjoy faster product turnover. Offering all of its diesel and sport truck systems in aluminized, T-409 stainless and T-304 stainless ensures that dealers have a price point and product for every customer's need and pocketbook. Full bolt-on design and clear, well written instructions mean that jobbers can install most of MBRP's systems with minimal tools and in under forty-five minutes. And for everyone, toll free technical support that can talk even the least experienced installer through the process.

But don't just take our word for it...

"It has become truly a pleasure, doing business with MBRP!"
Robert Johnson
"I've been in the 4WD parts, repair, accessories and manufacturing business for over 30 years. Installed most all brands of products on 4x4 trucks, Jeeps, SUV's and Side x Sides. MBRP products are the best fitting, produce the best power and have the look that make my customers happy. Customer service is second to none. Thank you MBRP for providing the above to the world, you've got it "dialed-in". Keep up the good work and I'll keep selling and installing your fine products."
Chris Overacker, Owner, CODE 4x4, Rifle, Colorado.
"Thank you Marly, it's amazing to work with a company that stands behind its products the way you guys do! Keep up the good work, and I look forward to buying from you guys again."
Chris B- Bradford Ontario
"Hey Josh, I just wanted to send a huge thank you to you and your company for working with my situation and helping me get a replacement system for my Silverado. Your support is very much appreciated. I will make sure to use your systems for any of my future needs. I'll also make sure to spread the word of MBRP to anyone who is interested in an exhaust system and also praise the great service I have received from you and your company. Thank you yet again. Have a great day."
Sincerely, Sean Dray
"I just put one of your cat-back systems on my 2012 Camaro SS Automatic and it sounds AWESOME. You guys really did it right! Deep, nice and throaty, but not crazy loud. I couldn't be more impressed.. I researched exhaust systems for six months and clearly made the right decision."
Thanks, Steve
"Thank you again for your help with this replacement. I love the way the MBRP exhaust sounds on my 2009 GMC Sierra, and I am glad MBRP has great customer service and stands behind their products!"
Sincerely, Rob
"I just purchased your system for my 03 RAM. You delivered exactly what you promised. It was a perfect fit, sounds great & @ a great price. I couldn't be happier, thank you!"
"I purchased a 2014 F150 FX4 5.0 in February and had the dealership order and install your 2.5" dual rear exit system. I have people ask me about it almost every time I start it up! It sounds absolutely amazing. It's loud when I want to show it off, but fairly quiet when on the highway. Keep up the good work!"
Andy L.
"I usually do not write in, but I thought you should know how extremely satisfied I am with the exhaust system you provided. The application was for my 2008 Dodge 3500 Diesel. I could not believe that from start to finish it only took about an hour and a half and I was done. The sound was just a little deeper which was also great. I will not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone. Again thanks, a very satisfied customer."
Russell Bufalino
"I got the opportunity to fit (the downpipe) to the (Ford Focus ST) tonight.. installation was annoying and time consuming but with that being said... I must tell you I would do the job again if it took twice the time.. the change your product made to this car is almost unrealistic! I have so much more power... throttle response and torque... it feels like a completely new car... and the sound.... I heard the video you guys posted... I say the video did the exhaust no justice.. the growl, the deep aggressive tone... the thrill this exhaust gave me. Even at the full retail price... is truthfully a deal at twice the price... it changed the driving experience... at a level that would cost thousands to achieve in other modifications. Well done MBRP!"
Brad L.
"I bought one of your 5" exhaust systems in April and was not looking forward to working with an old(2012 Super Duty) exhaust, rusty, new parts not working like should, etc. Well 35 min after I started I was done. Great job engineering this system, looks good and sounds great. Thanks"
"I am writing you guys to let you know that I got one of your XP Street series catbacks for my 2014 GT Mustang and am absolutely loving it. I love it so much that I had to email you guys to let you know to keep up the good work. All of my friends are car enthusiasts and we all hear exhausts from different cars all the time, but I have never heard them all say that the one I got from you guys is the best they have ever heard on a V8 car. Can't beat the price either. When I decide to upgrade to a 2015 down the road, I pray that you have something similar I can get for it because it is just that good. Thanks again."
"I just wanted to relay to everyone in your company how extremely happy I am with the exhaust system I installed on my 08 Titan. The fit/finish/sound are all amazing! I am very proud to have a product made by hard working Canadian's and even more proud to have it on my pride and joy! It is my hope that you will share this message with all your employees as they deserve hear how happy I am with the pride they take in their work! Thank you to all of you at MBRP!"
Sincerely, Chris Andreasen of Calgary AB
"My kit arrived yesterday, so after inspecting everything, I thought I'd get a "jump", on the installation, and take the factory ex. off that afternoon. Bear in mind, that I did all this lying on my garage floor. Original sys. came apart easily, took the spare wheel out from under the truck, and was ready to start the installation this morning. In structions were "spot on", and for the first time, in a long time, everything went smoothly. Kind of "dry fit", everything before finally tightening it all up. Went together easily with no problems. After final tightening, checked the whole system for leaks, and found none. Will check it again, in a couple of weeks. My thanks, to the engineers and designers, of this system. It is obvious that a lot of thought was put into it. No clearance problems at all, anywhere. The sound is "just right", not loud, or raucious, and there is no "drone", inside the truck while driving it. Just a nice sort of "rumble", if you will, especially while sitting at an idle. Am "very well satisfied", with this system, as a whole, and would "highly", recommend it. Again, thank you, for your kindness, and assistance. "
"I purchased a race version cat-back exhaust for my 2012 Mustang GT. Love this product. Perfect sound and great quality. Went together without any issues. A few small adjustments to center the tips. Sounds great and still sounds like a muscle car. I love the look on peoples faces when I say MBRP, and not one of the other guys. Keep up the good work! -Kyle"
"Hi Marly. I received the new exhaust in perfect condition. Thank you so much! Your customer service is awesome and I will be recommending MBRP to others." -Barron
"I would like to thank you for the excellent customer service.I have been in the automotive industry for 36+ years and has become evermore difficult to get truely good service on all levels. Thanks again."
Timothy J.
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